Introducing SocialLair - a platform that gives you massive levels of… Power & Control Over Your Business On Social Media

Introducing SocialLair - a platform that gives you massive levels of… Power & Control Over Your Business On Social Media

  • Designed by a Navy Nuclear Engineer turned-software developer & leading marketing automation specialist — who built it especially for marketers who want the freedom to sell & do business without the usual big tech meddling or thought-policing.
  • Sell as aggressively & as frequently as you like — with the ad-friendly layout, seamless merchant account integration, & "push button easy" connection to youremail list, cart, & other back-end marketing. (Including being able to simply & automatically add all new customers, leads and email list opt-ins to your Lair, if you choose.)

  • Keep 100% ownership of your data & followers — which you can export at any time, with everything stored on private servers outside of the creepy big tech companies obsessed with controlling your speech & dictating what you can sell and how you sell it.
  • Free test drive — create your own Lair, fill it with content, & even post ads with zero risk:


NOTE: You can start inviting your email list, clients, customers, other social media followers, & anyone else you want inside after subscription activation. SocialLair costs $50/month for up to 5,000 members for your 1st Lair & $10/month for each additional Lair with every 5th Lair free. Member limit is spread across all Lairs. See chart at activation for pricing for over 5,000 members. You are also "grandfathered" in at the price you get your Lair(s) at forever, no matter how expensive it gets later. (Barring any sudden rise in hard costs imposed on our systems due to 3rd party forces beyond our control — which is highly unlikely.) There are also no long term contracts or obligations. And while there are no refunds on SocialLair subscriptions, you can cancel any time, for any reason, immediately, & without hassle.

How SocialLair Works In 3 Steps

1.Create your Lair with the push of a button

...instantly inventing a private “Walled Garden” social media platform from where you can control who can see it, enter it, comment in it, or engage in it.

2. Invite people inside your Lair

...including your email list, customers, clients, other social media followers, podcast audience, and anyone else you choose. Plus, you can set it up so all future new email list opt-ins, customers, clients, & leads are automatically added inside without having to manually do it.

3. Do business as aggressively as you like within the business

...friendly community guidelines — engage, network, market, sell, post content, conduct trainings, give tips, have deep discussions, make offers, and create all the new business you want on your terms and at your pleasure



33 Ways to Profit From Your Own Lair Right Off the Bat

SocialLair makes it as simple as humanly possible for you to make more money, get more clients & customers, and acquire all the new business you can stand.

Here are just a few of the ways you can use it:

1. Sell your offers via direct links to your website or the sidebar where you can display ads, rotate ads, & even sell ad space to other businesses (see below)

Via your own cart or preferred method of accepting payments. It's a simple external link so it doesn't matter which cart or platform you use, we've got you covered.

2. Accept paid ads from other businesses inside your Lair

If you don’t want to sell your own offers, simply sell other business’ offers in the sidebar ad space, and get paid for doing nothing more than pasting their copy inside.

3. Sell "look over your shoulder" trainings

You can also charge customers inside your Lair to show them "how" you do things via video or screencast. For example: copywriters teaching other copywriters how they write their ads. Coaches & consultants explaining their thinking as they work on a client’s project. Artists demonstrating how they create artwork. And the list goes on. These kinds of trainings usually command a big price tag. And SocialLair can be a perfect place to sell such trainings.

4. Offer solo ads

Sell a dedicated pinned post at the top of your Lair as ad space for a set amount of time (1 day, 1 week, 1 month whatever time frame you want) to other businesses. You collect money for literally doing nothing but pasting their ad into a post and pinning it at the top!

5. Sell classifieds ads

You could also get paid by other businesses to post their short ads (that they write and you just paste in a pinned post in your Lair) giving great deals to your followers they love to buy from and can’t find anywhere else.

6. Ad swaps with other Lair owners

Teaming up with other SocialLair owners to sell each others’ similar (but not competing) offers inside each others’ Lairs can be one of the easiest ways to build your list and make new sales you’ll ever use. (While also doing a genuine favor to your customers & clients who prefer buying from like-minded businesses they can trust.)

7. Sell guest trainings from other experts inside your Lair

Invite industry leaders, authors, and other respected teachers in your market to do special trainings inside your Lair and charge access to it. If you record that training you can sell it as its own product later.

8. Use your Lair as a private & secure paid membership site

Where your customers can be automatically added (i.e., no manually having to add anyone) at the point of sale and start having discussions, asking questions, & engaging with you and each other inside.

9. Have private video content "watch parties"

Link to video/audio content you create (live or recorded) inside your own private Lair and encourage your members to watch it & comment on it at the same time. Include Q&A discussion, answer questions to remove all their fear of buying, and even give out swag and bonus gifts to those who ask the best questions to bring in lots of engagement. Many customers love doing this sort of thing. And you’ll no-doubt love the new revenue that can result.

10. Publish your schedule inside your Lair

There is no easier way to create & demonstrate genuine scarcity for "you" and your services than publishing your busy schedule for people to see. All top freelancers and service providers know & regularly witness how the more booked would-be clients know you are, the more those would-be clients will want to hire you in almost every case.

11. Solicit clients directly whenever you want new business

Clients you engage and interact with regularly in your Lair who have money to spend, and who are looking to buy the kind of services you offer, probably won’t need to be "sold" on you. They’ll most likely only need to know when you’re for sale…

12. Ask for referrals in your Lair

The world’s greatest salesmen always ask their satisfied customers if they know anyone else who might be interested in what they just bought, as well as asking that customer if they wouldn’t mind giving an introduction. SocialLair lets you play the referral game like a fiddle whenever you want.

13. High-ticket offer pre-selling for coaches, consultants, and other businesses

Let's say you want to sell a $10,000 offer. There is a secret way used every day by 6-, 7-, & 8-figure earning coaches and consultants that essentially "flips the script" (so clients chase you instead of you chasing them) about buying enormously priced services. It’s an extremely simple method, too. And when you get your free SocialLair test drive, we’ll even send you a video showing you exactly how to do it in your own Lair.

14. Special sales just for your Lair members

Few things create a happy, eager-to-buy, and quick-to-refer customer & client base like whipping up special discounts & offers nobody else outside your Lair sees. Doing so can potentially turn your Lair into an exclusive club where people feel it’s a privilege to be inside and almost an honor to be sold offers to.

15. Make blatant affiliate offers

Bypass all the various big tech platform rules that forbid affiliate marketing, and simply put those offers in your Lair. You could even give customers who buy your affiliate offers inside your Lair extra bonuses & premiums other customers outside your Lair don’t get, which can make buying from you especially fun for them.

16. Hold virtual events in your Lair

Instead of running a "virtual summit" on a faceless or clunky-interactive platform, link to it inside your own private & secure Lair. This lets attendees interact and engage with each other and with you, making the experience far more personal and the next best thing to being in the room with you.

17. Hold exclusive "country club"-like online masterminds

A little-known fact: big ticket masterminds that cost tens of thousands of dollars per year are more akin to a snobby country club than a business meeting. And your Lair can be an extremely prestigious way to complement & add on to your in-person meetings throughout the entire year

18. Sell high ticket live events inside your Lair

Your Lair is a place for your customers, clients, and leads to forge friendships & partnerships with each other, as well as with you. It’s not unusual for customers to attend very expensive events just for the relationships & networking with the people they met and are friends with on social media.

19. Launch new offers inside your Lair

It can also be immensely profitable (and help create even stronger customer relationships with your best buyers) to launch new offers inside your Lair with exclusive discounts and perks only those inside will see.

20. Run contests that get people addicted to engaging inside your Lair

There is nothing quite like having exciting contests where members regularly compete for cash, prizes, status, and other valuable swag & perks. This can only make your Lair that much more exclusive & prestigious to the world, that much more exciting & interactive to your members, and that much more exceedingly profitable & prosperous to your business.

21. Add exclusive "access to the guru" bonuses to your offers

Giving your buyers private access to you (for questions, advice, socializing, etc) through your own Lair can automatically make buying from you inherently more valuable and "safe." And it is one of the easiest ways you can ever use to nab many extra sales you wouldn’t make otherwise.

22. Deliver "impulse buy" bonuses in your Lair

You can easily deliver your digitally-delivered bump offers, 1-click upsell offers, and other backend offers in your own private Lair, with the added perk of being able to connect with you & other customers inside. All of which can add a lot more "sizzle" to otherwise routine offers.

23. Pre-test your product ideas

There is probably no faster way to pre-test a new product idea than to (1) go inside your Lair, (2) tell your members about the new product you want to create, and (3) see if anyone gets excited by the idea before spending any time or money on producing that new product. And if it’s a hit, you are "pre-selling" it by default by doing so.

24. Hold auctions

Thanks to popular auction sites recently getting into the censorship game, there has never been a better time to create your own auctions on your own private platform like SocialLair. You can auction off your own products or get paid by other members to auction off their products. Either way, you can be doing a real service for your customers. Especially if you are selling rare & hard to find items, or anything (that is legal to sell, of course) banned from being sold on other auction sites.

25. Buying low & reselling high

Buying items (clothes, accessories, jewelry, books, even cars, boats, and houses…) low and then re-selling those items high is probably the oldest legitimate way to do business ever invented. It’s also something SocialLair can make simple, safe, and on your terms.

26. Engage in extreme business World-Building

SocialLair lets you isolate, engage with, and communicate to your audience inside your own "World" without the distractions, 3rd party ads, and data stealing & privacy-butchering you get on big tech-controlled social media platforms. You can create your own version of that coveted "Walled Garden" Steve Jobs built around Apple. And with SocialLair your World can be as exclusive, private, and prestigious as you want — all while keeping the cancel culture muppets and drive-by haters out, and keeping the best, cream-of-the-crop customers always wanting to stay inside.

27. Be honest without fear

Here is a tried-and-true "formula" you can use in your marketing: "Honesty = Engagement = Consumption = Sales." SocialLair was built to let you run your business honestly, without constantly editing your thoughts for fear of being taken out of context, censored, or canceled. There are some Community Guidelines you must follow. But they are designed to make ethical & legitimate businesses more — not less — money.

28. Become a platform unto yourself

SocialLair is designed for aggressive relationship-building by letting you embed your personality & values into every aspect of your business — from your products, to your services, to your customer interactions, and everything in between. That’s what being a "platform" unto yourself means. This is why a guy like President Trump (who was simultaneously cancelled by multiple big tech-controlled social media platforms as a sitting President) couldn’t fully be "de-platformed" — since he is a platform unto himself. It’s also why no matter how hard the woke suits at Disney try to suppress or edit all of Walt’s movies, there will always be customers seeking the original content and paying big bucks for it. And it’s why someone like Jesus Christ — whose followers were tortured and had to live in hiding — is a "platform" unto Himself with a stronger brand & bigger following 2,000 years after His death than when He walked the earth. Become a platform unto yourself and people will always find you, your business, and your offers wherever you may be. This is something SocialLair can help you do by "default" starting on the first day you use it. Plus, you can connect your followers to your list that you can export at any time, always keeping your business intact. In other words, SocialLair can’t really "cancel" or de-platform you. If anything, you could cancel us!

29. Deliver your opt-in bonuses & product premiums in your Lair

It’s an absolute no-brainer to give access to all new email opt-ins & customers to your Lair. From there you can immediately start building a relationship and doing business with them right out the gate.

30. Turn your Lair into a "testimonial machine"

— Whenever you get a testimonial, post it in your Lair to build your credibility, sell more of your offers, and make it "safe" to buy from you via the social proof it creates. Since testimonials often beget more testimonials… that means 1 testimonial can potentially "sprout" 2, 5, 10, or more testimonials over time, all working hard to help make your business new sales.

31. Create healthy addiction to your business by being "omnipresent" in your followers’ lives

This means wherever your customers, clients, and leads go… there you are, with them unable forget about or ignore you. You can start doing this immediately in your Lair by creating titillating content people love to consume and can’t resist going out of their way to engage with. Do it right and you can realistically create a "healthy" addiction to you, your business, and your Lair, with people not wanting to be anywhere else but in your World!

32. Save money on project management software

Businesses who rely on multiple different paid project & team management platforms (that collectively add up to way more than SocialLair’s modest price each month) can immediately start keeping more of that money right off the bat simply by putting that team in one dedicated Lair. Complete with advanced tagging features & color codes to categorize files and filter by color/category.

33. Become your own media

SocialLair is a media platform that lets you become king of your own alternate reality. It’s a place where you can bond with your members in a way where your offers can potentially be bought "sight unseen"… where likeminded people looking for a place to hang out can find friendship & support… and where you can potentially create a community of "Berserker" fans & customers so devoted to you and your business they obsess over buying everything you offer. SocialLair lets you export your followers, customers, and list so you truly "own" that data and can conduct business as you see fit. Ask any big tech platform if they’ll let you do that — especially Amazon and Apple, or Facebook and Google. They will laugh in your face. They keep all that data, don’t fully share it with you, and in some cases even take huge fees from sales you make to your own customers! SocialLair is the exact opposite. You keep your data, you keep your customer list. And you keep your sales.

Those are just a few ways to use SocialLair — and we’re not even getting creative.

In fact, there are many more "alternative" ways (business & otherwise) to use SocialLair such as creating a Lair just for your local business community. Or forming a neighborhood watch Lair. Or founding your own local news Lair. Or launch a political campaign Lair… media kit Lair… author Lair… job or executive headhunter Lair… professional networking Lair… hobbyist Lair (you can potentially even charge "dues" for)… and more. The list of ways to use SocialLair is endless, with more being discovered every day by other SocialLair users. Sometimes we even share (with their permission) how other users are using SocialLair in the Throne Room Lair that paying members and test-drive users get access to.

To see for yourself just how easy it all is, get your free test drive here:



FAQs For The Uninitiated

Q. What is SocialLair, exactly?

Your Lair is your private & secure social networking group where you own the data. You can blatantly sell inside. You can engage with your customers, leads, & followers inside. And you can share content (or charge for content) inside, post links inside, and do almost whatever you want inside as long as you follow the Community Guidelines. It’s a place to engage in world-building for your business that you can fill with your branding, your personality, and your rules, values, & the culture into which you want to assimilate your clients & customers. When people enter your Lair you get to isolate, engage with, and communicate to them without distraction or competition.

Q. Why pay for SocialLair when there are more popular free social media platforms?

Maybe you shouldn’t pay for SocialLair. Especially if you think the free ones will never de-platform your business, never shadow ban your business, and never impose even more ever-increasingly draconian marketing rules on your business. Not to mention abuse your customer data and sell it to the highest bidder — including your competition. "Free" always has a cost and is a false economy. That cost can come in many forms. Like your account being shut down for no reason or any reason at all, and then losing your entire following in an eye blink. Data-abuse & sharing you don’t consent to or can’t opt-out of. Excessive & unreasonable limitations on how you are allowed to sell and even what you are allowed to sell. And the list goes on. Free is the new expensive. And the cost of those things can be way higher than SocialLair’s modest pricing.

Q. Can I say and sell ANYTHING I want on SocialLair without consequence?

Your SocialLair is your own Walled Garden to do business and talk about almost whatever you please. However, we do have a "clean speech" policy and only cater to legitimate businesses selling legitimate offers. Plus, we have to abide by certain laws, rules, and regulations (government, banking, insurance, etc) just like every legitimate business and grown adult who votes & pays taxes does. There never has been and never will be a 100% "free speech" platform outside of nefarious "dark web" sites engaging in evil & illicit activities no legitimate business or sane human being would want anything to do with. Our rules are designed to protect the integrity of the platform, the businesses we serve, and our clients’ followers. You can read these rules in our Community Guidelines. If you are okay with them, then simply use wisdom & common sense, be a professional, follow the rules, and you should be fine.

Q. What steps does SocialLair take to help secure my privacy & data?

You can connect all your Lair followers to an email list automatically when they sign up for your Lair(s) and back up/export that data at any time. That means you own that list of followers. Our "product" is SocialLair, not you and your followers’ data. There are no "creepy lines" (as Google’s CEO described it) being approached with your data, as there are no lines drawn with your data in the first place.

We also require everyone who wants to be inside SocialLair to provide a phone number that can receive text messages. We do not use the number for marketing purposes or to do anything other than to prevent fraudulent sign-ups and keep people who you have blocked from easily sneaking back in. You have a tremendous amount of control over who you let inside your Lair(s), and can even block whole countries, if you choose. This helps make it highly unlikely you’ll have to worry about trolls, troublemakers, & cancel culture idiots. Plus, when you need to update billing (expiring credit card, etc) the phone number keeps the process far more secure. That’s why banks do it. We also don’t store credit card numbers, and nobody on our staff — not even the owners — can see any credit card data due to the secure way that data is stored.

Finally, we do NOT use big tech servers, cloud services, infrastructure, networking, hosting, or storage. It’s all internal. And the logic we use helps us better prevent the kind of criminal activity that often happens on big tech-controlled platforms every day. If you need proof of that, subscribe to any credible identity protection service. It won’t take long before you are alerted about your passwords, credit card data, and other info floating around the dark web from a big tech data breach. That said, there are never any guarantees in life, and no system — including SocialLair — is 100% secure. It is always wise to take precautions regardless of what you are doing on the internet. (Regularly changing your passwords, not visiting sketchy websites, not falling for phishing attempts, etc.) You can read more about how we treat your data here.

Q. What limitations are there?

The one big limitation with SocialLair you should know & understand before purchasing is we do not allow uploading of audio, video, or other files other than images. You can, of course, link out to files & content you want to sell, share, or distribute, as long as they are in accordance with our Community Guidelines. This may or may not change in the future. And currently there is a lot of litigation revolving around this topic between various world governments. Until that is sorted, we have to protect the platform and our customers in this manner. That said, there are audio, video, and file storing services out there who are not big tech owned or controlled you can link out to. And we make a list of the ones that — to our knowledge, we make no endorsements — are not playing the de-platforming game available to paying SocialLair subscribers & test drive users in the Throne Room Lair. Another limitation we have is not being available in every country due to requiring a text phone number. This will not be a problem for the vast majority of customers & those you want to invite inside your Lair(s). But there are some countries that simply can’t use SocialLair at the moment. You’ll know if yours is available or not when you attempt to get your free test drive.

Q. Can I integrate SocialLair with my email list, cart, & back-end marketing?

For now, SocialLair works with a 3rd party service that lets you integrate with over 3,000 other apps, including just about any major email, cart, or back-end marketing software.

Q. How many Lairs can my business have and what is the cost?

Most businesses probably only need one Lair. But you might also want another Lair just for paying customers. Another Lair for your team for project management purposes. Yet another Lair for a paid mastermind group. A dedicated Lair just for select clients. And the list goes on. Your initial Lair costs $50/month for up to 5,000 members and $10/month for each additional Lair after that, with every 5th Lair free. Member limit is spread across all Lairs. (And a member in multiple Lairs your own is only counted once. We don’t play the usual big tech platform games with member numbers.) See the chart at activation for pricing for over 5,000 members. Also, realize when you activate a SocialLair subscription that Lair is "grandfathered" in forever at the price it costed when you activated it. That means that price for that Lair never goes up even when SocialLair subscription prices rise in the future (barring any sharp & sudden rise in tech & other hard costs imposed on our systems due to 3rd party forces beyond our control, which is highly unlikely). Again, see the pricing table at activation for more details. For now, realize this means the sooner you join, the more you save. Plus, there are no long term contracts or obligations. And while there are no refunds on SocialLair subscriptions, you can cancel any time, for any reason, immediately, and without hassle.

Q. Do you have an affiliate program?

SocialLair does not have an affiliate program. But we do periodically offer a referral program where for every referral you send who buys a SocialLair subscription, you get a free additional Lair for as long as that referral remains a SocialLair customer. Just make sure you do it legally by making it clear to the referral you are getting a free lair for referring them to stay within the laws of the U.S. and other countries. Also… this referral program is only open to paying SocialLair clients in good standing, and not to the general public or test drive users. More details are available upon activating your SocialLair subscription.



Who Are SocialLair's Founders & Why Should You Care?

SocialLair is the "brain child" of Ben Settle & Troy Broussard. It combines Ben’s 20+ years experience writing ads and building marketing campaigns with Troy’s 20+ years experience building software and marketing automation systems. It’s a "merging" of their knowledge & experience in marketing automation, software development, copywriting, content creation, audience engagement, and buyer psychology — all boiled down into a user-friendly platform designed for businesses who want to sell without worrying about ever-changing platform rules, ads being disabled or disallowed, or having to dodge the cancel-culture mobs infesting all the free social media platforms. The result is a truly unique & secure social media platform that is unrepentantly pro-business, pro-marketing, and pro-privacy that exists outside of big tech control.

There Are No Games Played With Your Data, No Tyrannical Restrictions On How You Sell, And No Excessive Tip-Toeing Around What You Say.

All of which means this:

SocialLair is a place to build your own business World. A World where you can create “berserker” fans & customers who love to engage with your business & buy your offers. A World that exists to enrich both you and your followers, and not greedy big tech companies who delight in stealing your data, selling it to the highest bidder (including to your competition!), and being able to shut your entire business down for any reason or no reason at all.

No credit card is required.

And nobody will call you.

Once you get your test drive, have fun & play around insidethe platform. Get a feel for how it works, and make it your own. And consume the free videos and emails we will send you during your test drive that show you all the ways you can use the platform to build your business. If you like what you see, activate it and start inviting your email list, social media audiences, customers, clients, and anyone else you choose — including having the system automatically add your new customers, clients, and opt-ins to your Lair going forward.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you can grow your business with it.

And because you’ll also be "grandfathered" in at the price you pay when you activate it, then that also means the sooner you can start saving, too.

Click or tap the button below

to get your free test drive:



Meet The Founders

Troy Broussard & Ben Settle

Troy Broussard is a Navy nuclear engineer, former Encyclopaedia Britannica Executive Director of Technology, enterprise-class software developer, & API-level marketing automation specialist who has built multiple multi-million dollar businesses in the fields of software, SaaS, SEO, and native apps. He is also the author of the bestselling book Infusionsoft Mastery, and is one of the planet’s most sought-after native app developers. His radical insights, ideas, & teachings have gotten praise from direct marketing industry leaders (like Perry Marshall, who wrote the intro to Troy’s Infusionsoft Mastery book), New York Times Bestselling authors, and former-CIA & other high-level clientele in the business world’s most prestigious & respected inner circles.

Ben Settle has written ads & cooked up marketing strategies that have collectively earned tens of millions of dollars in sales. He has taught methods he’s pioneered to some of the world’s most prestigious marketing companies — from $400+ million Agora Financial… to radio producers at Entercom (one of the largest radio broadcasting companies in the U.S.)… to the Oceans 4 Mastermind — where 7-, 8-, & 9-figure businesses hired him and his partners to put their marketing on the "hot seat" — transforming businesses overnight. Ben also publishes a prestigious print newsletter (called Email Players) read by close to 1,000 business owners in over 50 countries. He most recently has been teaching businesses how to create hordes of obedient & hungry-to-buy social media followers based on his experience running the single most engaged social media group in his niche (called elBenbo’s Lair) — that was so psychologically & emotionally addictive, he was literally accused of being a cult leader.

The SocialLair platform is based on Troy & Ben’s knowledge of all the above and more.